Day: October 5, 2016

Brandy – Keyed Lyrics

(ohhhhhh) (ohhhhhh) I just wanted you to know [Verse 1:] (Know that) That every letter that you wrote is cut up Put the pieces back to make ’em say what I want And every memory I have of us is made up ‘Cause I think I deserve to have that […]

Charlie Puth – Enemy Lyrics

[Verse 1] If, I’m gonna fall Will you promise me I’ll always have a kingdom? ‘Cause I, I have it all But you’re taking everything I ever dreamed of [Pre-Chorus] Oh, woah I’m scared of you now For putting me through this hell Saying Oh, woah I’m feeling the doubt […]

DJ SpinKing – Timeless Lyrics

[Verse 1] I cannot waste no time, bitch, I’m really timeless I cannot leave my houses without diamonds All [?] faces on my watches, I’m ’bout it Change faces on the watches, now they frownin’ I probably spent a 100 thousand on fly shit QP spent a 100 thousand on […]

Emmalyn – Hungover letras

[Intro] You’re gonna regret this [?] but go ahead (Laughing) [Verse 1] Why can’t I just go home and sleep? Can I get end, slip into a dream Said I call you to keep me company And I’m history [Pre-Chorus] You tell me to drink up, drink up Spill the […]

Bahari – Reasons letras

[Verse 1] I think I fell in love with you For all the wrong reasons I think you felt you needed me For all the right reasons And it went on and on this way I gave up all that freedom I held on and kept the faith For all […]

Shura – 311215 letras

[Verse 1] You have grown young in your old age And we have become friends I think And we fought a war for so long No one has won, no one has won [Verse 2] So scared I’ll lose you to the dark So scared I’ll lose me to the […]