Day: October 7, 2016

Chris Lane – Drinkin’ Games lyrics

Chris Lane: I can already see it coming The way you’re two drinks in And you’re spinning ’round on the floor I ain’t sure what you’re sipping But I’m sure you’re sipping something That’ll get you rolling the dice To see if I’m still yours Cause when it starts rolling […]

Chief Keef – Bone Crusher Lyrics

[Turbo] [Turbo] [Intro] Sosa Baby GBE Baby [Turbo on the track] [Hook] Big ass bone crusher Excuse him he don’t know better Now watch him go through yo leather Like click clack we’re on your schedule If you knew better you would do better I’m getting money now I use […]

Chief Keef – Trophy Lyrics

[Young Chop On The Beat] [Intro] ?? Mothafucking crib (Loan me some of your time) [Verse 1: Chief Keef] She take it slow then she wine it up I’m showing love but it’s not enough Girl your fine like win Loan me some of your time Tell me can you […]

Lido – Angel Lyrics

[Chorus] I’d love you, love you, angel If my feet weren’t on the ground I’d put my halo on and sing But they took my wings And the devil just cuts me down I’d love you, love you, angel If my feet weren’t on the ground I’d put my halo […]

JoJo – Music. Lyrics

[Verse 1] I used to hear the voices through the thin walls Tension building up and I’d feel so small Some nights I’d hide under the pillows ’cause I didn’t know what else to do Started singing just to get some attention A melody to cut through the addiction And […]

Kurt J. Moser – Brand New Life

the daylight only slowly dries sweat of a restless night the only cloud up in the sky rushes out of sight not even all the satellites can tell me where I am but just around the corner lies another brand new life another town another try cold blazing sunshine hurts […]

Kurt J. Moser – Hunted Ghost

while we still wondering where our soul might be or all the key-points of infinity so desperately we try to conquer time while you just try to forget hatred and crime under the showers of the blackest rain you wash away the memories of pain the sound of water running […]

Kurt J. Moser – Balance

Sliding gently down without touching ground you keep my soul from drying-out you keep my mind from drowning in agony Flashing my darkest night faithful, bright satellite you keep my soul from drying-out you keep my mind from drowning in agony with you time slows down wearing space like a […]

Kurt J. Moser – Momentum

I know, I know that it hurts to melt away that wØx on your soul search for the center of balance and bring things back under your control (your control) (ain’t no stroll) like even big stones are conquered by the eternal force of time you wouldn’t put your fate […]

Kurt J. Moser – Bodies

your scent – still in this house invisible evidence your voice – halled in this rooms fading away now into empty skies your atoms – once in this rooms slipping through the fingers of time the wind – with its persistence the cold – with its freezing hand brought back […]

Kurt J. Moser – Outro

from the day to the mountain from the night to the sea from whenever I’m going to wherever I might be be my guardian angel for another twenty years from my trip to Orion to the things I have done from wherever I’m hiding to the place in the sun […]

Kurt J. Moser – Splendour

the voices slipping through the door they’re circling ’round the solid wall they’re whispering gently in the room and all beyond the shady hall and they are piercing my soul they’re seeping into all of my pores where are they going, what are they saying whom are they hiding from […]

Kurt J. Moser – The Hour Of Aching

3’o clock I know you oh so well You’re the hour of achings and of spells My soul sounds like a rumbling stone I can’t stand the sound of how it groans Our shadow is as mean as we are good The universe expanding as it should Tonight my spirit […]

Jeezy – All There

Tre, Tre Dope boy 95 air max on Came from up the road boy you know we tax homes You want a whole thing hit me on the black phone Hood nigga Hot Cheetos what I snack on Hood nigga it ain’t nothin to get you wack homie Trap nigga, […]

Jeezy – Let Em Know

[Intro] Yeah, yeah, yeah [Verse 1] Woke up this mornin’ feelin’ like Rocky Back to myself, yeah I’m motherfuckin’ cocky If I take off all the chains we can play a little hockey You know we playin’ with the chop sticks,shit will have you leakin’ saki Let me tell you […]

JAWS – Work It Out

[Verse 1] So sweet I’m lost in it [?] I can’t keep it in my pocket Your soul speaks to me in the sand(?) I think we’re meant to be alive [Chorus x2] Stand up and shout You got the world at your feet You’ve just got to work it […]

Amber Coffman – All to Myself

[Verse 1] I can’t just sit around feeling upset Dwelling on my loneliness Maybe if I step out Go get some sun Maybe today I’ll get something done Kick off the covers But I don’t move Even though I know what to do [Chorus] I gotta sing it out, sing […]

Jasmine V – Gimme More

Hey there, unfortunately we don’t have the lyrics of this song named “Jasmine V – Gimme More” yet. We do try our best to have all the lyrics you want, but sometimes the lyrics are just not submited to us yet. Do you have the lyrics? Why not submit them! […]

Mary J. Blige – Thick of It

[Verse 1] Love ain’t just black and white Ain’t that simple It gets hard to tell whose wrong or right When Its dark with us I swear I barely see the light Should I stick it out? Are you worth this fight? Are we worth this fight? Cuz I ain’t […]

Zeds Dead – Too Young

Girl, we’re too young, don’t give up on life Don’t, don’t stop believin’ Girl, we’re too young, don’t give up on life Don’t, don’t stop believin’ Look at you, art girl You live in the art world Attracted to boys in the hood We pick you apart, girl She like […]

Zeds Dead – Stardust

[Verse 1: Twin Shadow] These days burn fast Got to make a good thing last But it’s hard when you feel alone And you came and you let me go From the first sign I belonged to your song But your sound is getting cold And you came and you […]

Zeds Dead – Frontlines

[Verse 1] Scared of little bit my old ways (My old ways) Stuck on this one way train roll (One way train roll) And I can’t find the brakes (And I can’t find the brakes) Taking me where I don’t know (Don’t know) [Pre-Chorus] ‘Cause I’m alone So far from […]