Day: October 8, 2016

Soulja Boy – Let’s Go Lyrics

[Intro] Yeah, you already know what’s going on Yeah man, we sipping good, smoking good and we living good, ya dig Soulja, yeah I call up the plug, let’s go [Hook: Soulja Boy] I call up the plug, let’s go I hop in a foreign, let’s go I get out […]

George Ezra – Barcelona Lyrics

[Verse 1] Barcelona I still long to hold her once more, oh My boots of leather From Europe I gather you know, know [Chorus] Every time you have to go Shut my eyes and you know I’ll be lying right by your side In Barcelona [Verse 2] A native man […]

Normandie – Believe

Believe Lyrics by Normandie All your secrets Can you keep them? It’s the poison that you’re holding inside Will you reach out for the cure and face the fight? All your demons Do you fear them? As you scream into the pillow at night Will you reach out for the […]

Heritage Singers – Be Strong

The wind blows The child wakes The years go The heart breaks The rains come, the castle falls You lose hope The soul cries The fears grow The time flies Life goes on, but through it all Be strong, don’t be afraid You’re not alone in this world Be strong, […]

Lucki Eck$ – Witchcraft

Shit keep on swimmin’ on the base You know you got a better chance if you buy it She hit me a tongue She wanna keep me I heard your story when I didn’t know you I tell you bitch to have me and I’ll handle myself How could I […]

Yung Lean – Eye Contact

Eye Contact Lyrics by Yung Lean Pull up in that Bayron goin’ skrt-skrt Everyday shit fuck what you heard-heard I’m so high that I’m flyin’ like a bird-bird All that I know that it is her-her I, I am surfing on the earth I’m a surfer Draped in that Gucci […]

Bronze Chariot – Lucky Country

Send “Lucky Country” Ringtone to your Cell Sovereignty is no where to be seen Across this burnt land And whittling wheat fields Are still getting no yield When you’re running the country betting on nothing Loot is the saviour for a basket case like this I said like this In […]

BTOB – For You

jakku neobakke anbomyeo maeumi neoman garikyeo geojismalcheoreom tteollineun i gibun cheoeumiya wae ijeya natanan geoya gidaryeowassdeon unmyeong gata nae jeonbureul da geolmankeum neomuna sojunghae I feel your heart heart heart hanabuteo yeolkkaji da gunggeumhae nado mollae du nuneul kkok gamassda tteugon hae Make you feel my love love love ije […]

Dawn Richard – Renegades

I know you like it when I remind you that I’m yours I push it on you real good, let the glitter fall Let me decorate my love all on you, so everyone knows I got my name on you Let me escape with you On this trip or go […]

Ambassadeurs – Hold On

Hey there, unfortunately we don’t have the lyrics of this song named “Ambassadeurs – Hold On” yet. We do try our best to have all the lyrics you want, but sometimes the lyrics are just not submited to us yet. Do you have the lyrics? Why not submit them! If […]

George Maple – Lover

Free me from the shackles of your lips I don’t know why it feels like this Firstly, there’s a million ways to go Then I’ll get involved Well baby, here’s the night you fall And I’m freaking out (tell me that I’m freaking out) Baby I’m just freaking out, [?] […]

Prince Royce – Moneda

Acordamos alejarnos por un tiempo Y poner en pausa el amor, el sentimiento Para ver quien podría resistirse a los recuerdos Y olvidarse de todo Tú no sabes cuánto ahora me arrepiento Creo que es lo más tonto Que en la vida hayamos hecho No sé tú pero yo (no […]

Sam Feldt & Deepend – Runaways

Hey, little darling I’m gonna take you outta the darkness I wanna walk with you in the light and hold your head high Hey, little darling We better go before it’s too late Sneak out the window and down the fire escape Hold my hand high ‘Cause we’re just run, […]

Maggie Szabo – Smile letras

[Verse 1] Every night I’ll be hanging alone I’m afraid that wherever I go They’ll ask where you are You’re prolly out with your friends getting drunk I really hate that I can’t call you up Silence is so hard [Pre-Chorus] If only I could fall asleep And wake up […]

Brad Paisley – Today letras

[Verse 1] When I’m sitting in traffic some afternoon I’m bored to death in some waiting room I’m gonna close my eyes and picture you Today [Verse 2] You keep brushing that hair back out of your eyes It just keeps falling and so do I Well I’m feeling like […]

TYuS – My Way letras

[Verse 1] You said I got too many bitches You want me to settle down But I can’t right now, no no So much out there for me to see, yeah I’m too young to be locked down, locked down You can’t take it, what we had was amazing Instead […]

Paloma Ford – W.E.T. letras

[Verse 1] When you know you out there, baby, where you been? I know you could feel the tension in the air Just take off your clothes and come over here It’s about to go down, way down, down [Chorus] You make me want it every time You make me […]