Day: October 10, 2016

$UICIDEBOY$ – Kill Yourself Lyrics

[Verse 1: Ruby Da Cherry] They figure me a dead motherfucker Romeo da black rose Shedding petals Hold me over until they finish digging me a hole I need a new beginning so i tip toe behind my foe’s bitch Unzip, i’m throwing it into that bitch’s hole Calling all […]

Alter Bridge – Show Me a Leader

[Verse 1] Well, they’re selling another messiah here tonight But we’re all way too numb and divided to buy it Singing (no, no, no) We are all too divided this time (No, no, no) [Chorus] Show me a leader that won’t compromise Show me a leader so hope never dies […]

Alter Bridge – The Writing on the Wall

[Intro] Yeah [Verse 1] Don’t tell us this is normal Don’t tell us there’s no change So selfish and immoral, you’re to blame Cause you’re the greatest rotter Still crossing out of line Now tell me who will suffer for all your crimes We are running out of time Out […]

Alter Bridge – The Other Side

[Verse 1] Just step into the dark, it’s waiting Take your vow, it’s time Time for you to meet your maker Playing God tonight [Pre-Chorus] You’re insane, have you gone too far Who’s to blame for what you are [Chorus] If you believe yours is the only way Then you’re […]

Alter Bridge – My Champion

[Verse 1] May this be your victory song A song for you when I am gone Reminding you of what you’re meant to be A gift to bring you clarity To show you that your destiny Is not defined by what you’ve failed to see, no [Pre-Chorus] May this lift […]

Alter Bridge – Losing Patience

[Verse 1] Sitting by the telephone Waiting for what never comes A chance to be the chosen one is all but gone Arise the tide within your heart A longing for another start Far beyond the wretched place that you’ve come to know [Chorus] Are you finally losing patience May […]

Alter Bridge – This Side of Fate

[Chorus] This side of fate is blind The choice has been made, it’s time [Verse 1] For all that we’ve done, will we ever choose to see The fault of our own, this fate we must receive We must receive [Chorus] This side of fate is blind The choice has […]

Alter Bridge – Crows on A Wire

[Verse 1] If you wanna step into the lights Well, I’m warning you, be wise Nothing goes unnoticed If you wanna lead or be a star They’ll expose all that you are Are you sure you want this now (They will only tear you down) [Chorus] Cause they’re waiting just […]

Alter Bridge – Twilight

[Verse 1] The world has gone mad, the future is so unclear Where do we stand, it feels like the end is near I remember everything you said and what would come to be A prophet of the future, now the future is reality [Chorus] (Twilight) Where do we go, […]

Alter Bridge – Island of Fools

[Verse 1] Shatter the illusions of the world That you believed in long ago You can’t let go Nothing’s sacred, can’t survive You’ve reached the end on borrowed time But you must try [Chorus] Just save yourself There is nothing to hide but the truth There’s no one else here […]

Alter Bridge – The Last Hero

[Intro] Can you hear the marching, beating of the drums Once again, the dogs are out for blood Words and accusations, history revised The time is gonna tell that you were right Oh, how you tried I know that you tried to save us Save us [Verse 1] I remember […]

Alter Bridge – Last of Our Kind

[Verse 1] There’s something creeping just beyond the door And it’s raging like we’ve never seen before, oh [Pre-Chorus] Annihilate (annihilate) Eradicate (eradicate) We’ll be erased (we’ll be erased) We cannot run, we only crawl Obliterate (obliterate) There’s no escape (no escape) We must remain (must remain) Or there’ll be […]

Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Crystallise letras

[Verse I] Waiting for a lifetime Like you’re carved from a mountain Sometimes I satnd like a statue Waiting to surprise you [Pre-Chorus] And when it comes and what it does Is nail you down you cannot swerve You’re not the last you’re not the first To sometimes lose your […]