Day: October 18, 2016

Little Mix – Love Me Or Leave Me lyrics

[Little Mix] You used to tell me that you loved me once What happened What happened? Where is all of this coming from? What happened What happened? You say I’m crazy and there’s nothing wrong You’re lyin’ and you know I know Baby what have we become? What happened? We […]

Tiara Thomas – OTW lyrics

[Verse 1] When I get some new hoes, I might start releasin’ some niggas I’m too old for this shit, I might just be teasin’ these niggas I told ’em slow down, oh woah, woah, woah, woah I ain’t a hoe, no no no no I entertain’ but some niggas […]

Kano – Hurt Lyrics

[Hook] I put in work, other spitters ain’t worth Ten pence for their words, I was bad from birth You should put ’em in a skirt, with a pretty pink purse I got that fire, hot shit like Jerk I locked it like bar staff slicking The wire, fire, the […]

Project Pat – Shooters

[Intro-Colonel Loud] Uhh, its your boy Colonel Loud Know what I’m talkin bout Them muthafuckin shooters nigga Yuh, um We got niggas out here, thinking they doing something Might cross a nigga for a little bit of bread, but niggas ain’t worried bout that shit, man I ain’t gotta get […]

Tiara Thomas – OTW

Hey there, unfortunately we don’t have the lyrics of this song named “Tiara Thomas – OTW” yet. We do try our best to have all the lyrics you want, but sometimes the lyrics are just not submited to us yet. Do you have the lyrics? Why not submit them! If […]

Stanaj – Ain’t Love Strange

Baby, I know I’ve been here before oooh something feels familiar Strange that when I gaze at you it’s deja-vu strange I never thought I’d feel the way I do Like my future and my past got the same name, got the same eyes got the same smile Maybe in […]

Sevyn Streeter – D4L

[Verse 1: Sevyn Streeter] Ay, boy, I don’t have all the answers Except when it comes to us I hope I’d answer your questions When you ask who do I love For you, boy, I’m really lit right beside you When you in the club tipping I can be your, […]

Gwen Stefani – The Sweet Escape

[Gwen] If I could escape I would but, First of all, let me say I must apologize for acting stank & treating you this way Cause I’ve been acting like sour milk all on the floor It’s your fault you didn’t shut the refrigerator Maybe that’s the reason I’ve been […]

Lloyd – Tru letras

[Intro] I lost it all, my friends, my loved ones But in life there’s always a chance to grow From the struggle, from the pain, from the realness Here’s my story, Lloyd [Verse 1] Hey world, yeah I know it’s been a while Thought I’d come around to let you […]