Day: October 29, 2016

TOVE LO – Don’t Talk About It lyrics

Golden tables, broken mirrors Naked girls around Young and scared Our love affairs’ll keep your conscience down The world is beautiful, believe it with another line Keep it up, if you’re lucky enough You know you’re winnin’ at life Piles of paper gonna make ’em roll around in it Watch […]

TOVE LO – WTF Is Love lyrics

I got fire, ice, glitter in my tear lines And I’m coming down ready for some new sounds And I’m holding up all that I can think of But, where are you? Where are you? Oh, lonely babe, stranded on the dance floor Look for me, I know that I’m […]

TLC – All I Want For Christmas

Tis the season to be givin’ And I’ve got somethin’ just for you Let’s take a trip to my cabin We can celebrate A funky Christmas made for two (oh) That’s all I want [Hook] All I want for Christmas Is to be loved by someone like you Outside the […]

Chris Brown – Everybody

[Intro: Chris Brown] I know I said I ain’t gon’ trip I can’t even lie, you got me fucked up, shit [Verse 1: Chris Brown] I ain’t tryna be rude or stingy But I ain’t tryna share you with another man You know you got the upper hand You know […]

Chris Brown – Scared

Yeah, what’s wrong? Oh you scared now? Section Baby, I’m EnZ Bando, telly She just wanna do small talk I just wanna give her the lengthy Smoke like a rasta What’s that? Sexy My bros are my brothers I ain’t never had besties Brap mash in the man bag Brap […]

Chris Brown – Dolce

They say, “Fuck you, where your friends at?” We say, “Fuck it, where the bands at?” We say, “Bitch you by the car? No” I tell the bitch I love the bottle Bitch you be busy, why you callin’? See that bitch is poppin’ bars now Pourin’ Dolce, Dolce yeah […]

Chris Brown – I Can Tell

[Intro] Listen to this track bitch (Drumma Boy) [Hook: Chris Brown] She like them thug niggas, I can tell We throw that money up, I got your ass up in the air You wanna fuck with us, I can tell Don’t play with me, it’s game on, baby You know, […]

Chris Brown – I Already Love Her

[Verse 1: Chris Brown] It’s a battle in this love war Through the fire, I’m your dragon slayer Yeah, oh I It feels like I’m drowning in water Needed more air, all alone You don’t remember all the love we shared And you pretend not to care Girl it tears […]

Chris Brown – Erday

[Intro: French Montana] Talkin’ every night All my dogs gettin’ lit, talkin’ every night Juicin’ my body [Hook: French Montana & Chris Brown] I be ridin’ through the city, gettin’ lit every night Baby, if the head good, I’mma run every light Man, if the pussy good, I’mma hit it […]

La Bouquet – Loveless

Roses in the graveyard Something comes from nothing and Use my body for warmful sustenance after I’m gone I woke up still half-drunk Sleeping in our day away How dare you sleep our day away, our day away Maybe I’m just loveless Maybe I’m just useless Maybe I’m not loveless […]