Day: November 1, 2016

Metallica – Atlas, Rise! Lyrics

[Verse 1] Bitterness and burden Curses rest on thee Solitaire and sorrow All eternity Save the Earth and claim perfection Deem the mass and blame rejection Hold the pose, fein perception Grudges break your back [Pre-Chorus] All you bear All you carry All you bear Place it right on Right […]

Young Thug – Like Nothing Lyrics

[Hook: Benzino] I just wanna see you do your thing for this money And I just wanna see you bust it open for me running And I don’t wanna see you by yourself keep it hundred Watch me drop these bands on your life like its nothing [Verse 1: Benzino] […]

BIG SEAN – Bounce Back lyrics

If Young Metro don’t trust you I’mma shoot you… Last night took an L, but tonight I bounce back Wake up every morning, by the night, I count stacks Knew that ass was real when I hit, it bounce back (You ain’t getting checks) Last night took an L, but […]

Famous Dex – God Damn Lyrics

[Hook: Rich The Kid] Lotta motherfuckas hatin’ Ballin’ mama said she brought up Whole gang gon’ ride for me Walkin’ ’round with a 9 Can’t trust your bitch she a thot Spend a whole lot on a watch Flexin’ hard now they want me to stop She in the coupe […]

Fractures – Fall harder

All I’ve ever kept in mind Someone who I’ve forgotten How do I do to shut my mouth? If only for a while I believe it’s been my fault Separate How do I sleep next rounds? Better than to let you go I can never lift your load Full time […]

TENDER – Design

This is my Design Stay in the lines This is my Design We’re intertwined This is my Design Satisfied, so divine Divine interventions Stop me going around in circles Going in, baby, no need to be careful All my days march into one Whisper in my ear, “Don’t come undone […]

Starset – Monster letras

[Verse 1] Under the knife I surrendered The innocence your’s to consume You cut it away And you filled me up with hate Into the silence you sent me Into the fire consumed You thought I’d forget But it’s always in my head [Chorus] You’re the pulse in my veins […]

Marc E. Bassy – Dirty Water letras

[Verse 1] Let’s go swimming Dirty water Days are shorter Nights are longer I wanna be the only lover That makes it worth it Pulls you under From the surface They’ve been talkin’ [Chorus] And I heard that your boyfriend now wants one of his own And I’m too drunk […]

Ace Hood – Cold Shivers letras

[Hook:] Waking up in cold shivers I hear them shots ringing off outside I hope it ain’t one of my niggas Cause tomorrow ain’t promised Got me paranoid mama Waking up in cold shivers Thank the Lord for the blessings Got to keep it on the dresser I can’t trust […]

Kiiara – Feels letras

[Chorus] And I got way too many feels, way too much emotion I don’t even know what’s real, I just say fuck it, keep on going And I get deeper, I get deeper, yeah I feel I’m wrong I can see you, yeah I see you, now I don’t know […]

Twice – TT (티티) letras

이러지도 못하는데 저러지도 못하네 그저 바라보며 ba-ba-ba-baby 매일 상상만 해 이름과 함께 쓱 말을 놨네 baby 아직 우린 모르는 사인데 아무거나 걸쳐도 아름다워 거울 속 단 둘이서 하는 fashion show show 이번에 정말 꼭꼭 내가 먼저 talk talk 다짐 뿐인걸 매번 다짐 뿐인걸 나나나나나나나 콧노래가 나오다가 나도 몰래 눈물 날 […]