Day: November 5, 2016

Nightly – XO

[Verse 1] You say you want it all I feel it half the time I’m still trying to find myself You make me lose my mind [Hook] I can’t focus when you’re with me I can’t sleep when I’m alone In this half life that I’m living I love you […]

Nightly – Talk To Me

[Verse 1] Uptown, don’t know my up from down Haunted by the soft sound of your voice Watching, stealing glances for me Body language calling, oh, my name [Pre-Chorus] On and on I can’t escape it [Chorus] When the lights are faded And he’s not coming home Talk to me, […]

Nightly – Honest

[Verse 1] Are you happy now baby? With your eyelashes on Is it a new revelation? Who you tryna cover up for? Yeah, I heard that you went changing Heard you got a new man You’ve been doing things lately I don’t understand [Pre-Chorus] Go ahead baby [take?] The truth […]

Nightly – No Vacancy

[Verse 1] Break through the neon lights Stay up ’til dark all night Sneak into windowpanes you call my name When I’m with you Feels like fire [Verse 2] [?] Inhale and exhale you it’s A little too much for me Too much [to assume?] When I’m with you It […]

Huntar – 808 Heartbeat

You don’t know don’t know now You don’t hear I’m talking about You’re on overload Take your shoes, take your skirt off Have a shower wash the dirt off Baby let it go Where there’s a will, there is a way Don’t hide in the light, Hide in the night. […]

Aminé – Baba

[Pre-hook] I was, down But I’m really lit right now A couple drinks in your head Your calling me daddy instead Mommy how that dress fit tight Is it heaven between your thighs She wanna know what’s my name Lil mama look you can call me [Hook] Baba Baby you […]

BONES – SleepMode

Some days better than others yeah I agree Other days I forget I’m lucky I can breathe Weird how it works how the wheels they turn Me to roadkill when I’m hopping off the curb Misplace words with a distinct verb Now you feel like you do something for the […]

Tesla Boy – Stars

When it’s cold, time has frozen There are no strangers around Empty streets on horizon And shelter cannot be found Someone says that you’re falling Someone says that you’re going down Don’t believe, dont be crawling You would better run, better run Just only stars that shining in the dark […]

Dok2 – The Good

I want the good life 걱정은 다 버려 The good life 더 높이 손 뻗어 The good life 성공을 다 거둬 La la la la la la la I want the good life 걱정은 다 버려 The good life 더 높이 손 뻗어 The good life 성공을 다 거둬 La […]