Day: November 12, 2016

Annisokay – What’s Wrong

We are struggling We are striving In the search for a place to stay There is no guarantee of surviving We’re putting ourselves in harms way Tell me what’s wrong With everybody today? Suffer, losses and dealing with human fears It is neither livable Nor acceptable over years We’re all […]

Annisokay – Loud

[Verse 1: Dave Grunewald] We’ve ruined everything, a dream designed to fall The world won’t mourn us when we’re dead and gone, dead and gone Accepting our fate, our backs against the wall The cycle of destruction goes on and on [Verse 2: Christoph Wieczorek] Downtown is on fire The […]

Molly Moore – Indigo

[Verse 1] They all want silence, I can’t keep quiet I’m an avalanche and I just wanna dance Inter-dimension, innate intention This world is cold when you’re not sold [Pre-Chorus] Call me crazy ’cause I see what you don’t see Call me crazy Cause I am the light, the misunderstood […]