Day: March 30, 2017

Que ca me chauffe – Jul paroles

Paroles Jul – Que ca me chauffe Alors j’suis sourd Faut qu’j’trouve mes sous, sous Eux ils font des trous, trous T’es le sang, eh reste tranquille Poto reste tout doux, t’as pris un coup, coup.(que ca me chauffe) Hein salope, t’sais tout se sait Hein trop d’inspi, jamais crevé […]

FLOR – Guarded lyrics

Tall walls here Towering ’round home, so guarded Watch as they come crumbling ’round me Everything, everything Flows freely Everything, everything Shuffling your hold, crippling me Silence in this room, the death of me I’ll keep close to home what’s pulled from it Guarded in me Found reason ripped from […]

Trip Lee – Too Cold

Boy I told them we cold Block is hot, but we good Till it’s over we bold I know we misunderstood I know they pressing me, they want me sweating, believe me but we never could So when that weather be heating up bet you’ll still see us up under […]

Xavier Omar – Afraid

[Verse 1] Losing love, unrequited Was it truly love? undecided Hard times, I’m broken Past lies, they leave you open I try, I’m hopeless At night, no way of coping With this shredded heart Can I get reparations for the pain? Baby I’m afraid Really I’m afraid Of giving you […]