ALEX GARDNER – Yesterday’s News lyrics

Little lady,
Keep your head low.
There is a someone,
That your don’t know.
Out of the darkness,
Him you will see.
Don’t turn around now,
To run is the key.

Little lady,
Learn to let go.
But I won’t stop you, no,
When you go.
It’s all up to you now,
Do you pick me?
Don’t disappoint me,
I don’t want to leave.

I hear, what you say,
What it means, when you cry.
But nobody said, it was good..

But oh,
Where’s my darlen?
Cuz I feel like,
Maybe I’m yesterday’s news.
Cuz you do,
This to me.
Yeah yeah yeah yeah.
Where’s my darlen?
Cuz I need her,
I’m starting to feel like I’m used.
And you said,
Be with me.
Yeah yeah yeah yeah.

Oh and lateley,

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