Animal Kingdom season 3 trailer introduces Denis Leary

And yet, Baz isn’t the main concern of Smurf (Ellen Barkin), who’s still behind bars this season. You can watch the trailer in full above, in which J (Finn Cole) tries to establish himself as the leader of the family and things get very bloody. Animal Kingdom returns for season 3 on Tuesday, May 29 at 9 p.m. TNT has released a new trailer for Animal Kingdom‘s upcoming third season. As a reminder, season 2 ended with quite a cliffhanger when Baz (Scott Speedman) was shot, and his fate is still up in the air as the new season draws closer. ET on TNT. Rather, there’s a new guy in town who she does not seem to be a fan of: In season 3, Denis Leary joins the cast as Deran’s (Jake Weary) father, Billy. Life is never boring for the Cody family. Needless to say, he might not be as trustworthy as he looks (and he doesn’t even look that trustworthy).

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