Battle of the Revivals: A market-by-market analysis of Roseanne vs. Will & Grace

(Each household rating point in these metered markets equals about 796,800 households). 28, 2017 — right in the midst of the fall push. Think again. ET on Sept. Los Angeles
W&G (7.8/13) Roseanne (11.6/18)
New York
W&G (9.3/14) Roseanne (12.9/21)
W&G (8.0/13) Roseanne (16.4/28)
W&G (7.1/12) Roseanne (10.8/18)
W&G (5.7/9)  Roseanne (12.3/20)
W&G (9.0/14) Roseanne (6.9/11)
W&G (5.3/9)  Roseanne (9.8/18)
W&G (5.6/8). Critics like ours dug it, too. It’s not exactly an apples-to-apples comparison: W&G debuted at 9 p.m. But Roseanne still had a bigger premiere. Roseanne, in the meantime, not only triumphed on Tuesday with 18.2 million viewers, it built on its May 1997 finale by 10 percent (18.2 million vs. Below is a comparison of the premiere night household ratings in the individual markets metered by Nielsen. Roseanne, in contrast, is starting late in the season after lots of primetime promotion and press. And let’s be clear: both reunions have been major boons to their respective networks. 16.6 million). ET performance). NBC is so pleased with the critically-beloved W&G that it recently gave the show a third-season pickup. It would be easy to assume that Will & Grace (given its Hillary-loving protagonists and “Make America Gay Again” props) would play better on the coasts, while Roseanne (whose central character is an unabashed Trump conservative) would dominate in the heartland. See for yourself. (Our chart only focuses on the show’s 8:30 p.m. Roseanne (13.8/21)
W&G (9.3/15)  Roseanne (13.6/20)
W&G (10.3/15) Roseanne (14.6/21)
W&G (6.2/9) Roseanne (6.1/9)
W&G (7.1/11) Roseanne (7.0/10)
W&G (10.3/15) Roseanne (16.6/24)
Kansas City
W&G (6.5/11) Roseanne (16.5/28)
W&G (3.4/5) Roseanne (8.2/15)
W&G (5.5/8) Roseanne (12.5/21)
W&G (5.2/8) Roseanne (16.7/25)
W&G (5.8/9) Roseanne (18.8/27)
W&G (12.1/18) Roseanne (7.2/11)
Las Vegas
W&G (7.8/13) Roseanne (11.1/18)
St. It was the same for Boston, Greensboro, and Jacksonville. In a market-by-market comparison of premiere ratings for both sitcoms, Roseanne performed better than W&G in major cities like Los Angeles, New York, and Boston and midwestern cities like Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, and Oklahoma. Louis
W&G (9.3/15) Roseanne (15.3/23) There are a few instances where W&G trumped Roseanne: the NBC sitcom, for example, was way more popular in Providence, Rhode Island, than the Conner Family.

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