Bianca Del Rio returns to Drag Race, reads Eureka’s Snatch Game portrayal

Blood! ET on VH1 to see if Eureka sticks to her guns or flips the script, and be sure to catch EW’s exclusive sneak peek at season 10’s Snatch Game prep above. “Trust me.”
Tune in to RuPaul’s Drag Race Thursday at 8:00 p.m. “If you have to tell us, it wasn’t convincing,” Del Rio quips. “As far as Divine, I actually find a lot of inspiration from her character for Eureka the character herself,” O’Hara tells RuPaul and Del Rio as she decides between the frequent John Waters collaborator and child reality star Honey Boo-Boo for her Snatch Game character. “Filth! I don’t know if she realizes she’s funny or if it’s just the inbreeding, but it’s really amusing.”
Later, RuPaul cautions O’Hara about sticking to what she knows and then “going for the jugular” when it comes to character selection. “She wasn’t afraid to be ridiculous. So, naturally, Mama Ru went ahead and invited Satan herself — otherwise known as season 6 champ Bianca Del Rio — to set for a little pep talk. Condone cannibalism! “Honey Boo-Boo is really funny, that show alone, I always say it’s on The Learning Channel and it just shows you what you don’t want to be. “I will do my best,” a visibly shaken O’Hara promises. I am Divine. It is quite amusing. I’m not afraid to be silly and ridiculous either.”
When it comes down to embodying Divine’s personality, however, O’Hara still has a long way to go. Hot, freshly killed blood!” she wails, and without missing a beat, RuPaul shades the living hell out of her: “Ok, now do Divine!” he says. Filth is my life. The child is hysterical. I love the taste of it. Judging by EW’s exclusive clip above, it looks like RuPaul’s Drag Race star Eureka O’Hara might need some Divine intervention to pull off an ace impersonation of the departed drag queen ahead of season 10’s Snatch Game. Kill everyone!

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