Bill McVail – Redemption lyrics

Day after day
Reality slips away
But all these people know that i’m not crazy

Night after night
Something isn’t right
Thoughts getting kind of crazy

I walk the street on tired feet
And look for those who know
But all i find are deaf and blind
Who don’t know where to go

Time after time
I think i’ve lost my mind
I need some help to see if i can find it

Place after place
They recognize my face
But they don’t know my name and i don’t mind it

The hour’s late a twist of fate
I wind up at your door
You recognize these heavy eyes
And help this wanderer get off the floor

Stay for a while
You told me with a smile
You look like someone needing some redemption

I can’t reply
But a look into your eyes
Fog rolls away in the reflection

I spend the night the morning light
The journey starts again
The road is long but i feel strong
Because it will be travelled with a friend

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