Cardi B – Trick (Skit) lyrics

Okay baby? Like don’t call me baby. Before the stores closing. You want your hair – I go to Malaysia to get it for you. This is why I need another one
Haitian V: Baby, what you grumbling to yourself like that? You don’t know who help me get that. Cardi B: Yo, what is your problem? (feat. You coulda – you coulda went to Foredom. I pay your cell phone, not even my cell phone
Cardi B: Alright, alright! Haitian V: I treat you good, I buy you eh stuff
Cardi B: Oh my God! The garbage man – they – they asked me if I live here, I say no. Homie
Cardi B: F*cking
Haitian V: Nigga? I buy you I pay the rent. I don’t like when you call me baby like you just make us look crazy in public, like stop calling me that. Haitian V: And then you treat me like garbage baby
Cardi B: I already told you already, because you’s a you’s a You know my uncle on the run. No problem. They tell Beyonce and Kim Kardashian – they say listen it’s only one and it has to go to Haitian for him to give it to his girlfriend
Cardi B: Nobody tell you to do all that. You – I thought you was the police
Haitian V: Cardi, why you keep me waiting like that all the time? Like I keep wearing the same outfit over and over again. Why you knocking on the door like that? Look at my nails, look at my toes like
Haitian V: You need your nails done, I give you the money. Cardi B: You see that’s why I told you I’m only available before 8PM. What I’m supposed to call you? Cardi B: What I told you about calling me baby? The diamonds in your fingers. Stop calling me that
Haitian V: Cardi
Cardi B: Don’t call me baby
Haitian V: Cardi, why you talking about I can’t call you baby? I don’t know what I’m supposed to call you –
Cardi B: I’m a f*cking punch him. When you gonna take me shopping again? You coulda went to Foredom and get a goddamn ring
Haitian V: Let’s stop this – this garbage foolishness. Why you leave me outside like that? Haitian V)
Haitian V: Wha- come one man! Leonardo DiCaprio from Blood Diamond help me to get that for you. You want your toes done, I give you the money.

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