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Atna – Walls Lyrics

People, can you hear me? I am wondering why One man kills himself Million people must die One man tells lies Million people holding flags in the sky What about trust? What about human desire? What about truce? What about life? What about love? Stop violence? What about freedom? Lay down your guns? […]

Hulvey – Rollercoastin Lyrics

(Going) Got too high, it feel like I’m rollercoastin’ (Coastin’) It’s just sometimes I forget that I was chosen (Chosen) Can’t waste my life, keep my head up gotta focus, done floating [Outro] Yeah Get this off my chest I feel like I lost the balance I feel like everything […]

Karg – Petrichor Lyrics

De letztn Tåg hom mi donn doch a weng vaändert Und a Teil vo mir is zruck bliem auf de kargen weiten Föder I hob jo oiwai glaubt, I wuad do moi zum sterbn herkuma Owa stott dessen woan dia bodenlosen Schluchtn am End vo dera G‘schicht Da Ort meina […]

Buddy – Black 2 Lyrics

[Intro] Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, yup Sound ’bout right No, nope, that sounds, that sound ’bout right Uh-huh, yeah No, you ain’t, you ain’t never telled a lie You ain’t told a lie Yeah, uh [Verse 1] Everybody wanna be an athlete (Athlete) Everybody wanna rap on beats (Rap on beats) Everybody wanna eat watermelon and fried chicken But, sorry, it’s […]

Locksmith – Quarantine Lyrics

[Intro] Yo, look [Verse] I’ve been behaving like I’m in a haven, like I’m isolating myself as a choice I kept my distance away from you niggas before this new virus ’cause I was annoyed I contemplated my place in this ploy I concentrate on the stakes of the void Ya’ll rappers spending more time in your lives Than […]

Apollo Brown & Che Noir – ’94 Lyrics

[Intro] So 1994, arguably Is single-handedly One of the greatest years, if not, the greatest in history Let’s be very clear on that [Chorus: Common] A-yes, yes y’all, and you don’t stop To the beat, y’all, and you don’t stop Yes, yes, y’all, and you don’t stop A-one, two, y’all, and you don’t stop [Verse 1: Ché Noir] Yo […]

Chloe X Halle – Tipsy Lyrics

I’ve been crucified, darling Ghost hunt me like New Orleans I’ve been charged with murder ‘Cause someone wanna push me further I’ll hit you where it hurts, yeah If you don’t put me first, yeah And I don’t give no apologies If you lose a life that’s not on me, […]