David S. Pumpkins to become Funko Pop figure

They’re “part of it,” after all. Pumpkins is expanding his reach to include a Funko Pop figure. The character, originated by Tom Hanks last year in a viral, Halloween-themed Saturday Night Live sketch called “100 Floors of Frights,” will now be immortalized as a vinyl toy — perfect for decorating one’s desk, or anywhere calling for some spook factor. 28, in which he saved Halloween. David S. Pumpkins character, following an animated SNL special that aired Oct. This marks the latest expansion for the David S. No word yet, however, on whether Pumpkins’ skeleton sidekicks will get their own figurines. The figure is clad in Pumpkins’ signature jack-o’-lantern-print suit and tie, and he stands in the character’s iconic pose: hands crossed, thumbs and first two fingers extended.

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