Euroz – Eyesoulated

Uh, we done came a long way if I must say
All them nights they slept on me, I was up late
Can’t nothing stop us, we still moving like fuck brakes
The mac plugged in they tryna pop up for that update
When you shining you know they out there with some shade
You fall get back up and walk it off, life a runaway
Supposed to take off already, still at the runaway
Switch lanes, shine coming to me like a one way
Homies fighting bodies till they touch base
So on the phone we speak in code just to touch base, that’s just to touch base
Now I got them on the bigger picture like it’s front page
‘Cause these days bros ain’t bros no more
I can’t fall for what they say they stand for no more
Cops killing shit on cam and get acquitted
So the cannons that be with us don’t be for photos
Born alone and I’ll be headed to the morgue dolo
Till then it’s Henny till we can’t pour no more
Cats I thought was part of the wave I ain’t sure no more
You niggas gassed thinkin’ I ain’t got it floored no more
We bout to pop while they bottle up hatred
Too many handouts, not enough patience
Too many RICOs not enough Aces
Been though it still hardheaded not enough fazed us
They buildin’ new prisons like it’s not enough cages, like it’s not enough cages
Do time, get out, hit your connect, think they plugged in the back of they mind, it’s not the Matrix
Don’t run in packs, don’t blend with the sheep
I miss some hearings but my niggas still be hearing from me
Cry babies growin up to tatted tears on they cheek
A cold world, I ain’t homeless but my ear to the street
Cold world, I ain’t homeless but my ear to the street

Still moving
Don’t forget the Z

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