Fire and Fury TV adaptation lands a Game Change-ing director

Johnson biopic, All the Way. He has four in total — two for HBO’s Recount (about the recounts in Florida after the 2000 presidential election) and two for Game Change (about John McCain and running mate Sarah Palin). Based on the track record, might he have another potential awards contender with Fire and Fury? While Game Change director Jay Roach may no longer be working on that HBO movie about the 2016 election, he’s sticking to the Trump beat for his next project. Many of the excerpts — first published by The Guardian, New York magazine, and The Hollywood Reporter — painted Trump as ill-prepared for this leadership post, highlighted the concerns of those surrounding him, and questioned the president’s mental facets. Roach also earned two Emmy nominations for his Lyndon B. Roach’s past dealings with politically charged dramatizations paid off with Emmy after Emmy after Emmy. Roach has been tapped to direct and executive produce the television adaptation of Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, EW has learned. The controversial book became an instant best-seller, as Wolff delved inside President Trump’s tumultuous first year in the White House. Roach was announced in the beginning of March as director and executive producer of a HBO miniseries about the 2016 election based on Mark Halperin’s third book in the Game Change series. Steve Bannon, Trump’s former White House adviser, left his position at Breitbart News after apologizing for inflammatory remarks he made for the book. The Fire and Fury adaptation doesn’t currently have a network. THR was the first to report the news. The project was eventually halted after Halperin was accused of sexually harassing women.

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