Here’s how Patton Oswalt got his first TV job on Seinfeld

“It truly had no impact financially or fame-wise.”
Watch the clip above for more. Watch the full episode of Couch Surfing streaming now on, or download the PeopleTV app on your favorite device. “The money I made went right into paying my AFTRA fees,” he says. It was a small acting choice that earned Oswalt the job. “I remember I got the part when he’s giving me hassle, and I do this little thing where I try to look for someone else in the store to pass him on to and Larry David really liked that,” Oswalt tells Couch Surfing host Lola Ogunnaike. Patton Oswalt made his first television acting appearance as a guest star on one of the most beloved comedies of all time, Seinfeld. In the sixth season of the NBC series, Oswalt guest starred as a video store clerk who refuses to rent Breakfast at Tiffany’s to George (Jason Alexander) when he tries to cheat on his book club assignment. Still, the role was hardly Oswalt’s big break — it earned him his AFTRA membership, but not much else.

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