IamSu! – Poppin’ Bands Lyrics

Trippy nigggas

Heartbreakers we back
Hoe niggas be quite
Pull up in that lab
Can’t keep up if you tried
Evrything is thata dope
I heard thatchu might die

All my homies gone ride
All my niggas gone fire
Like chicken at popeyes
Won’t recognise my grind
But recognise my mind
They blowin up my line
#Im holdin down my section
I represent my side
M shoestrings untied
With peanut butter inside
Comin straight up ot of Rich City
Im drunk off that remmy
My goals are like pennys
My flow retarded like Jimmy
Tell them haters come get me
I had 9 shots, more like 50

My bands all on me
My whole city on me
We top floor,OG
Flatscreens in my suite
We goin al night long
My hoe carry me on
Got money al in my pocket
Got money callign mey phone

Im poppin bands
Poppin bands rubber bands
Poppin, poppin, rubber bands

On me , i got a thrity bands on me
I been poppin zans and rubber bands
Til the bottles on E
I ain’t sippin on no lean, but im rollin OG
Yellowbones and wellow cones
No yellow stones on me
Rollin (rollin)
Through the city
1-50 in my duffle bag
Drop a 50 piece off
Count a 100 grams
Im blowing cash
All m girls look extra fast
S class, best grass
You see this big cloud , when i press the gas
Im out (Out,out)
I make 2 mill in the south
I got famous in the drought
Yeah im turning bitches out
Burn , go
Im the man with all this weed
I ain’t play n games I got crazy bands on me
Im poppi bands


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