Obscura – Diluvium lyrics

When radiation fades and remnants dissipate
Sacrificed we reunite in obedience
Decayed and lapsed in entropy
Bewailed, intoned the last elegy
Elapsed this diminished last piece of time
Shattered, convulsed, distressed in clarity
Diluvium – a vortex of primordial black holes, unbound
Diluvium – a stream into nothingness, unleashed
Drowned evaporation, enduring lucent purity
Grand deprivation, eternal cosmic unity
When resplendence elapsed, and fragments abrogates
Consecrated we insist in allegiance
Constrained and deformed in ecstasy
Enrapt, entranced in parity
Bygone this languished finite state of mind
Battered, relinquished, distraught deformity

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