Prefab Sprout – Grief Built The Taj Mahal Lyrics

When the Emperor lost his bride
At first he lay in bed and cried
‘Til she came to him in a dream
With words of consolation
Death is untrue, I’m merely sleeping
I’m waiting for you in a world way beyond weeping
Join me there soon, until you’re mine
Build me a marble Valentine
Let the world know grief built the Taj Mahal
When the Emperor rubbed his eyes
An azure morning filled the skies
Energized by his dream
The Emperor was moved to
Summon his men, he ordered them
Find me the whitest of stone
Let its radiance remind me
Of all I have lost
The source of my pain
The joy that in time I will regain
Let the world know
Grief built the Taj Mahal
As for the cost
What is the price of love unlost
Let the world know
Grief built the Taj Mahal

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