Preston Thomas – Just A Fad lyrics

Clench your hands
Feel the rage
Feel like I am locked in a cage
Fuel the rage
Go insane
Fill your brain
Steal the shame
You’ve played the game
Now let’s all go insane
I’ve got one shot at this
So I shalt not block this
Bring the crain’s
Picture frames
Shattered and broke
Tattered you choke
Look at me now
I am the show folks
It comes in bulks
Smoke the smokes
Take your tokes
Grab the ropes
Hold the pain
Window frame
Dabbled in fame
Not to be contained
Anger like a flanger
This is my new banger
I am getting better
You need to find some shelter
Face is red
Feeling numb
Drink the rum
Better run
I am an animal
Not to be Dabbled with
Unravel this
And handle this
I will dismantle this
And grab ahold of this
And put it in a fist
Deep in your stomach
I’m a cist
Assisting never missing
I am pissing
Away every chance you ever had
So call your fucking dad
Boo hoo I know it’s real sad

You feeling real bad
You think I’m a fad
I am sorry to tell you this young lad
But I am here to stay
Even If I feel astray

I’ll bounce back with every shot I have
And shoot at other rappers
Not even feeling bad
Cause I am just super rad
So call the cad e
And bounce back from me
You feeling froggy just leap
Cause I am f*cking steep
You b*tches are corralled
It’s like you are all sheep
And the bass got you feeling real weak
So lay down mother f*cker
Cause I’m putting you to sleep
Cause I right hype shit
And shit that could get you deep
You can call me the reaper
Cause I’m going to make you cheaper
Don’t fall away from me
I thought you were a g
And your music was on fleek
So I guess I’ll forget you next week
Cause you were struggling to find something to write that’s unique

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