Roseanne Barr recalls confronting John Goodman about drinking problem

I didn’t give up like John,” she cracked. “She was scared for me, but she was more confrontational,” Goodman recalled. Even now, as he makes the press rounds for the revival season of Roseanne, the actor doesn’t shy away from talking about it. Lecy was having trouble, too. I was ashamed of myself, but I couldn’t stop.”
He’s since been sober for the past eight years. “Like, I found out the crew was letting Sara Gilbert smoke pot with them and I was f–king furious over that. Goodman, who has said in the past that he also drank during filming of the Coen brothers’ The Big Lebowski, revealed his poison was “anything that was wet and of a certain proof.” He added, “The last four years were pretty bad, and I was drinking at work and was scared for me. While Goodman appreciated Barr speaking up about his alcoholism when she did, looking out for her castmates is something that came naturally to her. John Goodman has been fairly open about his past struggles with alcoholism. “Me and John, we have a friendship off the show, too,” she said. What do you want?” “She’d already had a husband go through the process.”
Barr, who was married to Tom Arnold for four years, added, “It’s hard to watch.”
Though she could have chosen to keep quiet on the issue, Barr — who admitted she’s always had a crush on Goodman — decided she had to intervene. I called her mom, I called everybody’s mom. I still do. “John has held my head when I was barfing in a bar. I’m Jewish and I’m a mother. I called her parents. I drank too much, too. Accompanied by costar Roseanne Barr on Howard Stern’s SiriusXM show Tuesday, both Goodman and Barr discussed how she confronted him about his drinking problem during production on the original show. “I was pissed at everybody,” she said.

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