Shai Watkins – Broken Hearted And Never The Same Again lyrics

Right now I cannot love boys. Because I did stupid things. I will catch a grenade for you
If you just stay
I just wanted you to know
That you had my heart a long, long time ago
And I never felt this way before
I Just know that I am here
And I just love the way you feel about me
And that there is nothing worth more than that I’ve lost so much time
And cannot think
I have lost my hope
And everything
I wish I could go back to simpler times
But my hands are tied and I just want to die
People are not nice
They just want me dead
I wish I could say that I want to be
I been a cutter and wish I was not the same
People are always lying
And I know it’s not the same
I been traveling for so long
And I already hurt
I wish someday my crush could just come on by
And tell me its ok
And he will wrap me up
And he will hold me down
Like I was already his
But its too late
I wish I could just come to his rescue
And be a soul tied around him
But I know it cannot happen
But I know I will always love him
But I also know that I just want to be gone
And never return
This is my life
I just want to die
But when I do
Just let me tell you (Oh God please just let me tell you)
That its not over yet
I just got to fight it
I can’t go on (Please God don’t let me go on)
I just want to scoot over next to you
I just want to be with you (only you)
I just know your the one for me
I never knew that it was going be you
Right next to me
Just being here
I got to know one simple thing
Will you just stay and be mine forever
And never leave me? And now I am at a different school. I miss my old friends. And this is a song for the people who is dealing with depression and feel like killing themselves. This goes out to a lot of people. I am handling depression right now and I… Right now I am sad. I had a crush on someone when I was in elementary. I can love my friends but never boys. And please don’t judge me. I hate the school I am at. And this is hard for me to cope with.

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