The Movies – Broke lyrics

You said I could stand anything.
Your words follow me everywhere.
And I took the dare. I wasn’t scared.
I stood out there and faced the wind.

And I broke in two
And threw me away.
You found some glue to fix my face
And bones, you trace
Your heart over my own.

Geese fade into the seamless night.
They know the secret of staying true.
They speak of you. I want to go.
The earth gives way under my feet.

But I break in two
Fold in the air
Fall into you, you’re never where
I think, you stare
Your eyes are full of wings.

It’s been a life of half dreams:
You on a cliff above the dark sea
You in a painting down the hall
Of a building I have never seen

You broke in two
Draped on a limb
Me trying to get out of bed
And rise and swim
To where your body lies.

Ba da ba pa …

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