The Music Tapes – City Of Lights lyrics

[Verse 1]
Oh, here you are
And you’re all you wished to be
You’re alive and you’re
Not alone
Not alone in this
[Verse 2]
So close your eyes
Hear the whole world
Call your name
And you answer
Please don’t go
Please don’t go away
All I know is here and now
And right away
Call me here, I will appear
Like light of day
In the actual song it sound like just a continuous drone of C with the melody playing over it, but if you’re
Playing acoustic it sounds better like this:
[Verse 4]
All of the words
Of the songs
We all will sing
Mean the same thing
And it’s not goodbye
No, it’s not “go away”
Mom, bye
Dad, bye
Call my name, behold the strength
Of my embrace
All I sing to hear my prayer
Don’t go away
[Instrumental 2]
Same chords as verse with the vocal melody played over it
[Verse 6]
All of your life
You’ve been holding on
To just one thing
And it calls you
Please don’t go
Please don’t go away
[Instrumental 3]
Same chords as chorus with the vocal melody played over it for two measures, then goes back to the chords of
The first Instrumental for one measure, gradually slows down, then ends on C

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