Tinashe on her long-awaited album Joyride, and the message she has for her haters

The singer spoke with EW about the new project (out April 13), her creative evolution, the collaborators she wants to work with, and the message she has for her fans — and haters. How different is the Joyride we’re listening to now compared to the version you envisioned, say, two or three years ago?  
What do you hope that fans — and haters — take away from Joyride? It’s been a long road for Tinashe’s second studio album. I think I’m more confident now than ever before. Joyride has much more energy. How did that collaboration come about?  Following the release of her outstanding 2014 debut, Aquarius, she slated her next record, Joyride, for a 2015 release. I feel like I’ve grown a lot, and that’s reflective in the music. ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: It’s been a long journey for Joyride. It’s a lot more upbeat. So Aquarius was a great summary of where I evolved, making music that was feeling R&B but also touching on different genres, playing with different sounds. Let’s talk about “Stuck With Me,” the song featuring Little Dragon. But that date came and went. I’m thankful for all of it. Where do you think this project stands compared to the last two? Three years later, the long-awaited Joyride has finally arrived. First of all, for the haters that said that this project was never coming out: ha – ha – ha! Since then, her career has taken a bizarre series of side-steps, including further album delays, a tour cancellation, and a public dispute with her record label. The overall theme is to take life as it comes and embrace the highs and the lows and to really enjoy all of it. What would you say is the overall essence of Joyride? This interview has been edited and condensed.  
What kind of growth have you experienced? Did you ever think it wouldn’t come out? So from my perspective it was always going to come out — one way or another. I’m glad that it took the time that it took to get the project to the point it’s at now.  
I had moments of feeling discouraged, but I was never going to give up on the project.  Nightride I think is a step further than that — a more moody sound that is, to some of my fans, the more classic Tinashe; it has that sexy, nighttime vibe to it. I reached out to them through Instagram a few years ago and said I was a big fan and would love to collaborate. What other collaborators are you hoping to work with down the road? It’s completely different. The songs really attest to that in the sense that there’s so much that goes on in our day-to-day life, so much negativity, that sometimes it’s just good to have music that you can escape with. It’s purposeful, energetic, and it has an attitude. I have some people on my wish list — I might as well say them because I never thought I’d work with Britney — Sade, Janet Jackson, Emily Haynes, James Blake, Kanye. they didn’t respond. I think the theme and the general mood and essence is the same but most of the tracks have been revamped since then. I’ve learned a lot as a person an artist — the things you go through traveling the world. So when I created “Stuck With Me,” I reached out again saying, ‘I’m still a really big fan and I would love to collaborate,’ and they asked me to send some records. For everyone else, the people that have supported me along the way, I want them to know that this is something that I’m really proud of and all of the steps and things that have led up to this point have been important for my journey.

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