Westworld season 2 adds five recurring stars, but who are they playing?

The Native American tribe was referenced a great deal in season 1 and also terrorized Maeve (Thandie Newton), who is now on a mission in season 2 to find out what happened to her daughter. Five actors — four newcomers and one veteran — have been announced as recurring stars for when the HBO sci-fi drama returns later this month. Martin Sensmeier also played a Native American warrior briefly in the first season, and his role of Wanahton joins the previously mentioned recurring characters. There are plenty more tidbits and theories to be had in the various previews that have been churning out ahead of the premiere. “We felt free to have a composite with Shogun World and pick and choose. We know season 2 will be introducing a new playground for the Westworld guests with Shogun World, but it’s unclear whether Hanaryo and Sakura are involved with it. The new episodes will also feature many missing characters — including Tessa Thompson’s Charlotte Hale and Shannon Woodward’s Elsie Hughes — and a few more new ones, like the geisha played by Rinko Kikuchi. This is basically the Edo period, but with artifacts from across 300 years.”
Julia Jones, recently spotted in Wind River but more recognizable to Twilight fans as Leah, will play Kohana. Westworld season 2 premieres on HBO on April 22. “This is a world that’s a composite — just as Westworld is a composite with the early-19th-century open range of Red River and the immediate post-Civil War era of The Searchers, but it also has trains,” writers-producers Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy divulged to EW of Shogun World. The question now remains, what roles do they play within the android uprising? Westworld fans now have five more pieces to the season 2 puzzle, even if they offer more questions than answers. As for Zahn McClarnon’s mystery role, we’ve already spotted him in the trailers. It also appears to be McClarnon on horseback in the full-length teaser, prompting some fans to believe he could be a part of the Ghost Nation. Tao Okamoto, who appeared as Lex Luthor’s assistant in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, has been cast as a character called Hanaryo, while Kiki Sukezane (Netflix’s Lost in Space) plays Sakura. His character name is Akecheta, and he was seen briefly wearing some snazzy cocktail attire in the show’s “Inception” trailer (that secret trailer within the trailer).

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