Westworld star Evan Rachel Wood is ‘just now’ earning the same as her male costars

Wood, meanwhile, reprises Dolores for Westworld season 2, which premieres on HBO this April 22. Evan Rachel Wood, who quickly became one of the faces at the forefront of the addictive sci-fi series, recently divulged that she is only “just now” making as much money as her male costars. HBO’s mission to remedy any pay disparity problems has made its way to Westworld. “I think I’ve just now to the point where I’m getting paid the same as my male costars,” she divulged during a discussion with The Wrap. “’Well, you’re Anthony Hopkins or Ed Harris.’ But I think now we’re all doing equal amounts of work and really hard work.”
While season 2 is already in the bag, Wood said the remedy to her pay is coming with season 3. When she first got the role, the actor said she understood the pay inequality to some extent, naming some of her costars. “And that’s is a direct result of the Time’s Up movement,” he said, though he clarified all who got the pay bump are deserving and “shouldn’t have to fight for it.”
Many of the actors themselves have spoken out against pay disparity in the light of the Time’s Up and #MeToo movements. Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman, stars and producers on HBO’s Big Little Emmy darling, are among them — and THR reports both are getting a significant raise heading into season 2 with $1 million an episode. This comes after HBO executive Casey Bloys told The Hollywood Reporter during an interview that the network would “proactively” go through all of their shows for any glaring wage gaps. “I was just told that, ‘Hey, you’re getting equal pay.’ And I was like , and I almost got emotional. “Westworld, it’s like, I get it a little more,” she laughed. I was like, ‘I had never been paid the same as my male counterparts.’ Never.”
Wood plays an A.I. I’m just happy to be here.’” host named Dolores in Westworld, which quickly became a sensation on the home box office network following its 2016 premiere. “And it was like, ‘Oh this feels nice.’ I feel a little less like, ‘I’ll just take what I can get. “I’ve been paid the same for years, so I feel like I’m making the same as other people that I know for doing the same work,” she added.

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